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Posted by on Apr 18, 2018

Energy Artist

Apply to be an Energy Artist at Matriarchy!

Matriarchy is a social advocacy group with the mission of bringing people together with the one common goal of sharing equality. We aim to help eliminate discrimination and prejudice towards demographics within the marginalized underrepresented as a positive force.  Matriarchy brings different walks of life together by hosting empowering celebrations where we can connect.  Our community is filled with feminists, lesbians, and members of the Goddess Movement.  Matriarchy’s team includes a variety of producers, talent, and supporters.

What is an Energy Artist?

The goal of an Energy Artist is to shift the dynamic of multiple energies into one positive force The craft of being an Energy Artist encourages sincere connections with guests and maintaining positive vibes.


  1. Accurately representing the Matriarchy brand’s core message and mission.
  2. Dancing socially and building new friendships.
  3. Wearing costumes and/or carrying props.
  4. Assisting the Matriarchy team/staff as needed to keep things running smoothly.
  5. Ability to leave your baggage at home and arrive happy and ready to spread joy.
  6. Adapting to different personality types and diffusing disagreements. 
  7. Keeping track of feedback from attendees.
  8. Publicly posting on your personal and business social media pages.
  9. Directly messaging followers on your social media pages.
  10. Utilization of dating apps to market upcoming events.


  1. Hourly Base + Commission
  2. Free Drink Tickets
  3. Free Entry and your own Guest List
  4. New friends and meaningful industry connections
  5. Free training from seasoned Energy Artists


Usually around 5 hours with flexibility to take breaks as needed.

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The Estrogen Uprising! Feminists know know how to party.

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