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Amy Schumer’s Movie “I Feel Pretty” Confronts Body Dysmorphia

Posted by on May 14, 2018

Amy Schumer’s Movie “I Feel Pretty” Confronts Body Dysmorphia

People are quick to judge Amy Schumer. Despite making headway for women everywhere by openly giving body dysmorphia a platform both in her stand-up comedy and new movie, she gets the same treatment that most women have received throughout history and in current day — berating and judgement.

It didn’t take me more than a few second to pick up on the message behind Amy Schumer’s movie when viewing the trailer for I Feel Pretty. In fact, it brought happy tears to my eyes to see a film being placed in major theaters that would create a dialogue on female body image in the media. So, why all of the criticism?

Because of the delivery.

The majority of audience members have missed the point as they allow themselves to get extremely hung up on the execution of a much more profound statement. Yes, in order for her to realize how beautiful she already is — she hits her head.

Because for women with body image issues, it can take a jolt for them to realize their own beauty. Plus, this is a comedy and it’s been scientifically proven that physical comedy gets laughs.

Let’s be real here.

This isn’t a documentary following women in the entertainment industry and what types of self-esteem destruction they must endure as they try to make an acting career for themselves. But you know who does know what that experience is like?

Amy Schumer.

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